Colorado Scenics

Steve Tohari

617 Midland Ave.,

Woodland Park, CO 80863


This old dog just learned a new trick (see above) – digital tools to take his Colorado landscapes to another level, from photographic images to watercolor-look images. Very cool, I think. I hope you will concur…Photoshop can take you very far, with even more detail than the eye can see in the shadows and highlights of the image, and even add the most glorious of sunsets that never existed in the first place, and the extreme sharpness and detail of a NASA photograph. But – it’s still just a photograph – that and nothing else. So I’m over it, But photographs have their place, so I’m not burning my negatives, so to speak – my photographs still sell after 50 years….Now I just use my past and future (I’m still at it with my cane) photographs as a starting point – to create what I call digital watercolors.

Check out my new website:, and my new name Watercolor Colorado. Another new website under construction.






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