Colorado Scenics

Steve Tohari

617 Midland Ave.,

Woodland Park, CO 80863


When I first came to California in the 60s, I settled in the Bay Area and went to school  at the University of California/Berkeley. On my days off, I traveled around the coast and into the fog, fascinated by the effect of the mist in motion on the scenes in front of me. At first, the trees in the forest were softly defined, then barely defined, and at last, invisible. The light would come and go, daring me to capture it with my camera. When the fog cleared and the sun came out, I put away my camera; the light then seemed harsh and uninteresting. I became a fog addict, running from the sunlight into the fog bank, from the Summer heat of the East Bay to the cold, foggy coastline – To Point Lobos near Carmel, where I began my 50 year career as a landscape photographer. Every week, all Summer, I would go there, each time seeing it anew, taking different images, much like Edward Weston had done 30 years earlier. 

I have lived in and photographed Colorado for over 35 years. I miss the fog that inspired me to become a landscape photographer in California. I find the fog in a few places like in the photograph above – Genessee,, in the foothills of the Rockies above Denver. Only in late May and early June, does it arrive at the 7,000″ elevation and dissipate at 8,000′.When    it comes, I scramble to catch just the right effect between too light and too dense. Fog in the Forest is one of my favorite photographs – it reminds me of my start as a photographer in California.


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