Colorado Scenics

Steve Tohari

617 Midland Ave.,

Woodland Park, CO 80863


Above the mountain hamlet of Montezuma near Keystone, Colorado, I drove up this rough mining road that dead-ended at a meadow beyond a small stream.My girl friend got out of my Jeep and walked to the stream so the dogs could have a drink. Suddenly she yelled at me to come and check something out with my camera. I could not believe what I saw – a clump of color, a bouquet of Rocky Mountain wildflowers that looked  like someone put them there. The flowers were all growing together on a rock in the middle of the stream – the Dandelion puff was intact – it would not be if someone had put it there. So I set my camera on a tripod and took the picture at 1/8 second exposure to soften the rushing water. The rest is history. 1993. A Hummingbird, perhaps?

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