Colorado Scenics

Steve Tohari

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Raw Material

The images in this website are all original photographs I have taken in over 35 years in Colorado. I am now branching out into what is called photo-art, taking the original file and transforming through digital tools into an image created rather than just rendered; in...

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Fog in the Forest

When I first came to California in the 60s, I settled in the Bay Area and went to school  at the University of California/Berkeley. On my days off, I traveled around the coast and into the fog, fascinated by the effect of the mist in motion on the scenes in front of...

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Bouquet on the Rocks

Above the mountain hamlet of Montezuma near Keystone, Colorado, I drove up this rough mining road that dead-ended at a meadow beyond a small stream.My girl friend got out of my Jeep and walked to the stream so the dogs could have a drink. Suddenly she yelled at me to...

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Crystal River Mill

The remains of the old mill on Crystal River in the Central Rockies near Marble is Colorado Icon, representing the mining legacy of the 19th century. Built in 1892, the mill was actually what would be termed today a mini-hydro plant, generating electricity in a remote...

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I bought a camera at Wal-Mart

I point, I shoot, I re-create. Sharpness? Are you kidding? Focus? Yes. I sold all my professional film cameras and went digital and straight to the dark side - photo editing tools. So I didn't need a 36 megapixel camera with all the lenses... I'm not after that...

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My photograph re-imagined

This old dog just learned a new trick (see above) - digital tools to take his Colorado landscapes to another level, from photographic images to watercolor-look images. Very cool, I think. I hope you will concur...Photoshop can take you very far, with even more detail...

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Ancient Tree

On Windy Ridge (aptly named) near Hoosier Pass above Alma, Colorado, is a grove of ancients - Ancient Bristlecone Pine, some of which are a thousand years old, survivors at tree line over 12,000' elevation. These old trees, the Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine (as...

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Colors of the San Juans

The San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado are of mostly volcanic origin, resulting in richer soils than in the mountains to the North that are mostly granitic - resulting in some of the largest Rocky Mountain wildflower specimens in the state. See the photo...

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What Denver Drinks

This is Lake Dillon as seen from Sapphire Point on Swan Mountain Road between Breckenridge and Keystone, Colorado. Above the lake is the Ten Mile Range, a narrow range of 12 to 13,000" peaks rising above Breckenridge to the left of the scene. Lake Dillon is the major...

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