Colorado Scenics

Steve Tohari

617 Midland Ave.,

Woodland Park, CO 80863


Real Dry to Real Wet Summer in Colorado

Last Summer - 2018 -was hot and dry throughout Colorado. A drought set in and forests burned out of control. Temperatures in Breckenridge, normally cool due to the elevation at 9,600", reached 90 degrees. This year, after a Winter of heavy snow fall, Colorado is cool...

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The Stewards of our Public Lands

For almost 40 years, the United States Forest Service (USFS), has been underfunded by the U.S.Congress. Spanning millions of acres all across the country, this sprawling government agency is entrusted to take care of America's backyard. Every administration since 1980...

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Colorado Prints

After 27 years on Main Street in Breckenridge, Colorado, I closed my photo gallery COLORADO SCENICS in November of 2017. The gallery scene in the town had faded - from over 16 galleries of all types to just 4 when I left. I sold, with my employees, a lot of framed and...

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The Back Bowls of Vail

Vail is the largest ski area by acreage in the United States. In North Americs, only Whistler/Blackcomb is larger. The world famous Back Bowls are "in the back", behind the groomed ski runs on the front side above the bases and the Village of Vail. The other side of...

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Garden of the Gods

One of the most visited scenes in Colorado is an extensive group of red sandstone formations known as Garden of the Gods - monoliths towering above the green Juniper trees. The Colorado Springs city park lies at the very edge of the Great Plains below the 8,000'...

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Breckenridge, Ski Hill, Ski Town, Colorado

Breckenridge. When I think of what skiing is in Colorado, I think of this long chain of connected peaks battered by the North wind and plastered with deep powder snow. In the photograph above, Breckenridge is seen in the distance from another great, but less famous...

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Jeep Trip from Ouray in the SanJuan Mountains

Given a choice between an overnight backpacking trip or a 3 hour drive in a Jeep to a trailhead deep in the mountains, I'll take the Jeep. I like a higher starting point for hiking with my camera. I'm not lazy, I need to get to the scene as fast and easily as possible...

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White Out

 Skiing on Aspen Mountain Ski Area,, I almost hit a tree I could't see. I was hurtling down the ski run at least 40 miles per hour when a layer of fog suddenly closed in on me. The widely spaced trees suddenly became invisible, and all I could think about was not...

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